Simple Steps to Get iMessage on PC & Windows

Messaging has made our life easier. Everyone is enjoying the messaging apps of Whatsapp and face book messenger to communicate. Apple message apps remain a favourite choice across iDevices. Most of people use windows crave to use iMessaging. Some often ask is there a way to use iMessaging on windows PC. Yes there was a straightforward way to download and install Apple’s Messages app on Windows. For this to work you will need a Mac. If you are aiming to get and use of iMessage on windows itself. It is very much workaround but it does work to send, receive, and have complete iMessage functionality from a Windows or Linux environment, as long as you have a Mac to begin with.

It should be known that people who have Mac products can connect iMessage from their iPad, iPod, and iPhone to their computer. So they can message people without using their handheld device.  But can this feature be used on a PC. So what works to get iMessage on a PC then? The answer resides with having a Mac with a stable internet connection that is logged into the iMessage account you want to use and get access to from the PC, and then using the built-in screen sharing feature in Mac OS to remotely access that computer and it’s messaging client via Windows PC or Linux.

iMessage is an excellent app which offers lots of excellent features to communicate easily for users. It allows unlimited texting without paying a small sum of money. It allows sending text, videos, images, messages even in a group chats and friends and it makes easier to text. This days messaging is best way to communicate with friends and relatives. So if you want explore the world of texting. One should definitely know the use and importance of iMessaging and to experience the best way sharing messages, audios and videos.

This is fantastic app with exciting features, you enjoy all this on big screen. You definitely download the app for windows. You can easily download this fantastic iMessage app for windows 8 and windows 10 as well. iMessage is Apples’ creation and is famous for his exciting feature. It is simple to download and beautiful app for PC without paying penny. iMessage is an excellent app which offers lots of amazing things to the user.

Even though it has many apps for texting one wants to wish to taste the iMessaging app on our PCs. As earlier said the exciting and fantastic features and its big screen experience everyone wish to have their PCs as well. It is impossible to use iMessaging without having iPhone. But there is hardly anything which is not possible through the proper use of technology. If you wish to use iMessage on Windows PC then this requires you to follow some small steps and you will be good to go.

Apple has not made iMessage available for windows platform. There are ways to get this on your PC. And with the introduction of iOS 10, iMessage has become even more exciting which is why now all are eagerly waiting to get the flavour of it on their devices. There are two steps to be followed to use iMessage on windows PC.

iMessage on PC & Windows

  • Make sure you have a Mac with iMessage and PC with Windows.
  • Download chrome on both systems by using Chrome Remote Desktop Link.

Step 1 process: The first process requires you to have a Mac with iMessage installed on the device. Along with this ensure to have a Windows PC in which you will install the iMessage. Now follow the below-explained steps.

  • Make sure both the Windows PC and Mac have Chrome browser installed in them. If not, then download and install the browser.
  • Next, download Chrome remote desktop in both your Mac and Windows PC. This is what you require mainly as Chrome Remote Desktop let you access one computer via another.
  • As the installation process is completed on the PC, click on the button ‘Launch app’ located at the upper right corner.
  • Next, download and install the Chrome remote desktophost installer. Now look for the remote Mac on your Windows PC and click on that which will let you start the screen sharing process.
  • You can now enjoy using iMessage on Windows PC.

So, this process is applicable for all those who have a Mac. But what if you do not own one? Not to worry at all as method 2 does not require any Mac for using iMessage on Windows PC.

iMessage on Windows

Step 2 process: This process is for all those who do not own a Mac. So, do not worry even though you do not have a Mac you can get iMessage on Windows PC. This requires you to download an emulator on the Windows PC. An emulator lets the users access all the iOS app in their windows PC. The process is explained below in details.

  • iPadian is the emulator that will be required to run the iMessage app on Windows PC. So, download iPadian2 in your Windows PC.
  • Next, run the .exe file and accept all the terms and condition. That’s it.
  • Now go for searching the iMessage app in the search bar and start enjoying it.

So, these are the ways to get iMessage on Windows PC. Follow any of the methods that is convenient for you and iMessage will be easily accessible in the Windows PC.

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